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"Prints, Prints, Prints!" Exhibition - Closing Reception & Artist Talk

The Prints, Prints, Prints show in the Goldmark Cultural Center - John H. Milde Gallery continues thru April 17th.

Please join us for the Closing Reception and Artist Talk on April 7, 2019
Closing Reception - 2-4pm
Artist Talk 2-3pm

13999 Goldmark Drive, Dallas, Texas.

The exhibition includes works by 19 Goldmark artists. Some are advanced printmakers and others only recently began to explore the vast world of printmaking.

Rebecca Boatman 
Mary Carradine
Du Chau
Sharin Clark
Brandi Cooper
Sheila Cunningham
Mcat Davis
Riki Greenspan 
Andrea Lamarsaude
Jean E McIntosh
Margo Miller
Mr. Mo 
Ben Munoz
Marty Ray
Susan Sponsler-Casrtarphen
Evita Tezeno
Lori Whitaker
Eva Kustarne Zsoldos

Within this exhibition there is an amazing number of print processes:
Block print, linoleum
Block print, Speedy carve block
Chine Colle’
Color reduction, monotype
Dry point
Impressing (clay)
Linocut (block printing)
Monotype, Gel plate print
Print collage
Silk Screen
Stamping (on ceramics)
Stamping (on canvas, etc)
Transfer (on ceramics)
Suminagashi, monoprint

Print Show Artists.jpg