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Steven Wright - Space, Time & Love: The 3 Dimensions of Life Exhibition

John H. Milde Gallery - Goldmark Cultural Center
13999 Goldmark Dallas 75230
Gallery Hours: M-F 11am – 4pm, weekends by appointment


“Space, Time & Love: The 3 Dimensions of Life”
Paintings by Steven Wright
About the Artist and the Exhibition
- Marty Ray, Exhibition Curator

The Milde Gallery’s current exhibition, “Space, Time & Love: The 3 Dimensions of Life,” with art by Steven Wright needs more attention than a passing glance at color, texture and design. An example is the fluorescent green painting titled “Schrodinger’s Cat.” This work reflects Physicist Erwin Schrodinger’s thought experiment referred to as “Schrodinger’s Cat”, a theory often included in discussions about quantum mechanics. Another work is titled, “Schrodinger’s Cat Meets Picasso.” These and other works in the exhibition contain evidence of Steven’s love for science and music mingled with a later life exploration of painting.

Steven Wright’s artist statement begins, “As a child, I had two passions… music and science fiction.” Early interests led to a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and proficiency with several musical instruments. Also says Wright, “fascination with science fiction led to a life-long study of physics.” And then he states, “At age 50, I began painting.”

Fifteen years ago, the artist read a book igniting the concept for this exhibition. Twin Dimensions: Inventing Time and Space by Geza Szamosi is a history of physics and man’s study of space and time. The book’s author proposed that visual art was man’s interpretation of physical space and music the representation of time. With these thoughts in mind, over time, Steven Wright has developed this body of work, giving us an exhibition that sparks thinking beyond the art we see with our eyes only.

The exhibition is fascinating and different. All the visual elements are here as well as experimentation with art technique and materials. And then there is so much more. Wright helps us “see” more by including detailed information cards beside each work. Wright concludes in his artist statement, “Throughout our history, we have attempted to understand the infinite through our minds (science) our hearts (art) and our souls (music). These paintings represent a conversation about space and time… and love, the genesis of all creation.”

“Space, Time & Love: The 3 Dimensions of Life” with paintings by Steven Wright is on exhibit at the Goldmark Cultural Center’s John H. Milde Gallery July 19 - Aug. 23, 2019. Reception for the artist will be Saturday, August 17, 2-4pm. The artist will give a presentation in the gallery beginning at 3pm (including Steven’s music as well).