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Steven Wright - Space, Time & Love: The 3 Dimensions of Life Exhibition

Space, Time and Love:  The 3 Dimensions of Life”
Paintings and music by Steven Wright

Exhibition - July 17 – August 23  2019
John H. Milde Gallery, Goldmark Cultural Center

Reception & Musical Performance by the artist - date & time TBD

Songs inspired by space, time & love. The evolution of physics is synchronous with the evolution of visual art and music.  Physics is about understanding space and time.   Visual Arts reflect our depiction of space in both two and three dimensions. Music quantizes time, dividing sound into notes and measures.

Throughout our history, themes and ideas converged, driven by the passion for discovery and expression. The paintings and music in this show (including songs by James Taylor, Leslie Bricusse, Paul Anka, Michel Legrand) represent a conversation about TIME, the dynamic evolution of physics.
-Steven Wright